About Us


Our mission is to inspire and engage people of faith and religious communities to actively steward and sustain our natural environment.


  • Faith and Environment
    • Educate faith-based institutions on environmental responsibility.
    • Teach the issue, not the people or politics
  • Efficiency work
    • Motivate and support implementation on energy efficiency best practices
    • Provide conduit of information and resources
  • Grassroots volunteers
    • Build a cadre of excited volunteers
    • Create and maintain a conversation within a healthy network
  • Build leadership
    • State and National advocacy
    • Identify legislation, inform constituencies, and lobby
  • Energy Generation
    • Open economic incentives for installing solar and community solar
    • Windfarm support
    • Renewable energy credits.


Houses of Worship are renowned for their skills at building communities. NYIPL not only participates in climate-dedicated coalitions, we actively seek to build communities of enduring collaborations between the 800 registered 501(c)3 environmental organizations  in New York State.

Our national conclave

We are proud members of Interfaith Power & Light. We are one of 42 member states, which include Alaska and Hawaii.

We are proud, active members of NY Renews, a legislative advocacy coalition of 140 organizations across the state.

Executive Director

Glenn in battle gear

Rabbi Glenn Jacob is the executive director of the New York chapter of Interfaith Power & Light. Before coming to NYIPL he served synagogues from the Deep South to Long Island for over 25 years. In the Deep South, Rabbi Jacob was a civil rights advocate on issues of church and state, reproductive rights, hate group monitoring with the Southern Poverty Law Center, and funding for public education. In Philadelphia, Rabbi Jacob was the founding chair of the Interfaith Gathering of Lower Bucks (County). He is also an accomplished storyteller, lobbyist, and preacher .

Rabbi Jacob is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in philosophy. He received a Master’s Degree in Hebrew and ordination from Hebrew Union College (HUC) in Cincinnati. He also received his Doctor of Divinity from HUC.

He delivered a TEDx Talk at Adelphi University in 2016 titled “God in the Public Square.” The TEDx Talk is available on Youtube.

Phone: 516.382.6683
Email: gjacob@nyipl.org