The Biden Infrastructure Plan

President Biden is releasing his “Build Back Better” infrastructure plan on March 31, 2021. The proposal differs in significant ways from “The Thrive Act” that is being proposed by a coalition of environmental groups across the nation. IPL has signed on to sponsor the Thrive Act.

Line ItemsThe Thrive ActThe Biden Plan
Investment per year$1 trillion$340 billion
Investment total$10 trillion over 10 years$2.7 trillion over 8 years
Jobs15 million5.6 million
Water$322 billion$111 billion
Broadband$350 billion$100 billion
Home/Community Care775 billion$400 billion
Energy$2.8 trillion$469 billion
Transportation$1.9 trillion$621 billion
Buildings$945 billion$378 billion
Lands$256 billion$31 billion
Agriculture$1.6 trillion$0
Manufacturing$63 billion$300 billion
Research & Development0$180 billion
Resilience$45 billion$50 billion
Workforce Development0$100 billion
Other Infrastructure*$397 billion0
Postal Service$25 billion0
Snapshot comparison

*Other Infrastructure

  1. Dams
  2. Hazardous and solid waste
  3. Levees
  4. Public parks and recreation areas
  5. Gas pipeline leak repairs