New Energy Efficient Appliances Perform Better

appliancesAccording to a new report, newer appliances are not only more efficient, they actually perform better. Newer appliances also frequently include new features. The report, conducted by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, was released in late May 2013.

The report also states that product prices have stayed the same in many cases, or even have declined as efficiency has improved.  For those appliances that cost more now, the electricity bill savings outweigh the price increases, say the authors.

“Everyone knows that replacing your old appliance with a new, more efficient model will save you money on your utility bills,” said Steven Nadel, ACEEE executive director. “What this report shows is that consumers haven’t had to sacrifice good performance or new features in exchange for improved efficiency.”

“From light bulbs to refrigerators to air conditioners, today’s products save energy and money while delivering performance that equals or beats the products they replaced,” said Joanna Mauer, ASAP senior researcher and lead author of the report. “In addition, consumers can choose from new features that were not even available in the old, inefficient versions.”

You can download the report or get more information here.