Book Review: Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth

Almost Amish CoverThis latest effort by Nancy Sleeth, author of Go Green, Save Green, provides and excellent path to the melding of one’s Christian faith and the stewardship of the world we live in.

Nancy has used the numerous examples of the Amish as a means through which we can simplify our lifestyle and in the process establish and strengthen our connection to God.   While many may view this as a step backward to the past, Nancy has made a great case through the examples of her own life of the numerous benefits to simplification.

Almost Amish provides many points for all of us to ponder on how today’s lifestyles are making us busy, but at a cost of losing our relationships to God, family, friends and community.  The book will make you question what you are truly seeking from life.  The book is very much about establishing covenantal relationships and the placing of God and community above self.

I highly recommend this book to those who not only want to preserve and protect the world we live in, but to those who would weave the elements of their Christian Faith into the life they live.

Thanks to Nancy and her daughter Emma, for enabling me to review this book.

Review by Ed Bennett