Gina McCarthy Confirmed as EPA Administrator

ginamccarthyIn a 59 to 40 vote, the Senate confirmed Gina McCarthy as EPA administrator. McCarthy, who previously served as the head of the EPA’s air and radiation office, has shown a commitment to address global warming as well as curb other pollutants like mercury and soot.

The Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, President of Interfaith Power and Light, said “[McCarthy’s] appointment is great news for Americans’ health and environment, and for the implementation of the president’s climate plan.”

“As Assistant Administrator for EPA’s office of Air and Radiation, Mc. McCarthy led the development of some of the EPA’s strongest safeguards, including carbon pollution standards for power plants, the first carbon limits for vehicles, and lifesaving updates of standards that limit soot, mercury, and air toxics” she continued. “IPL and its 40 affiliates look forward to working with her.”

Rev. Sally Bingham Wins the Purpose Prize

This video features Rev. Bingham and is also a good introduction to the IPL movement and goals. The Purpose Prize honors an inspiring new group of role models for “engaged retirement.” Unwilling to stuff envelopes or go off quietly to the sidelines, these change-makers are taking matters into their own hands and fashioning a new vision of the second half of life, one in which the expertise and talent of a lifetime is refocused on finding solutions to challenges in our communities, our country, and the world. They are living proof that aging does not equal stagnation and decline, that later life is a time of innovation, productivity, and creativity as rich as the younger years.

If you want to make a difference, too, take action on global warming in your congregation and community!