Go Solar with NYIPL and Sungevity

The NYIPL Board is excited to announce we’ve formed a new partnership with an innovative solar company, Sungevity, to reduce our own carbon footprint and raise funds for the vital work of NYIPL. Sungevity is a leader in residential solar and their solar fundraising program. Sungevity.org, works with non-profits to educate their members on going solar, as well as raise valuable funds for local non-governmental organizations. NYIPL has partnered with Sungevity to develop a simple way to raise funds for the organization, save money by lowering your electricity bill, and reduce the amount of GHGs reaching the atmosphere.

If you sign up with Sungevity through NYIPL for a residence, you will receive a personal credit of $750 towards your system, and NYIPL will receive a contribution of $750 too! Make the switch and request a free solar quote to see if your roof is right for solar panels. It’s a win for you, a win for us, and a win for the environment.

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