Over 1000 Congregations Preached-In

This past weekend, more than 1000 congregations nationwide participated in our Preach-In on Global Warming. People of faith all across the country heard the message that climate change is a moral issue.

“In the face of potentially catastrophic climate change, it is crucial that religious leaders engage their faith communities in conversation about our religious obligation to protect the earth,” said Rabbi Linda Motzkin, who serves Temple Sinai in Saratoga Springs and also sits on the board of New York Interfaith Power and Light.

“The annual Preach-In is an opportunity for many congregations that never hear about climate change to become aware of the dangers we face and the need to take action,” said Sister Mary Ann Garisto, a Sister of Charity who serves on New York Interfaith Power and Light’s board. “As Christians and as people of faith we must realize that it is a moral issue, and we need to be concerned about what’s happening to our earth,” she said.

In addition to hearing sermons and participating in discussions on climate change, congregations sent tens of thousands of valentines to President Obama asking him to “love the earth” and to keep his promise to have an impact on climate change.


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