Connect with Other Congregations

bulletinbdWant to connect with other, like-minded congregations? We are pleased to announce that we have a new listserv that will allow you to interact with congregations across the state.  Ask other congregations for practical ideas on environmental stewardship. Or share your own wonderful ideas and experience.

For those unfamiliar with listservs: this is an invitation-only email list (there will be no spam). It works kind of like an interactive bulletin board, where one can post a question or comment, and others can respond. Messages are received in your email inbox.

To register, you need to belong to a congregation that is a member of NYIPL. To see if your congregation is a member, click here. If your congregation is not a member, WE WANT YOU! Click here to sign your congregation up. Then, to sign up for the listserv, click on this link  and enter in your email address. You will be confirmed shortly.

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