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Carbon Covenant LogoCarbon Covenant – Connecting with faith communities on the front lines of climate change

This new Interfaith Power & Light project links up congregations and people of faith in the U.S. with faith communities on the front lines of climate change in the developing world and offers a way to help out.

The four projects featured on the Carbon Covenant website are faith communities in the developing world taking the initiative to mitigate climate change and protect their communities. All of the projects address the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in the developing world: deforestation. In Cambodia, Buddhist Monks aim to protect a remote community forest from illegal logging by ordaining and patrolling the area. In Ghana, the Presbyterian Church is teaching alternative, sustainable livelihoods, from snail farming to bee keeping. In Cameroon, an interfaith project is fighting desertification through tree planting. And on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, a Lutheran bishop is making tree planting a condition of confirmation in the church.

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