One Reply to “Mirele B. Goldsmith on Fracking”

  1. Hi Mirele, (we met at Teva camp)
    Great article! Wonderful points about this unfortunately,very tempting carrot.
    I wonder if you have seen the recent research from some scientists up here at Cornell that says that Hydro Fracking may not actually be cleaner from a Green House Gas perspective in the long run. Here is an article
    “The take-home message of our study is that if you do an integration of 20 years following the development of the gas, shale gas is worse than conventional gas and is, in fact, worse than coal and worse than oil,” Howarth said. “We are not advocating for more coal or oil, but rather to move to a truly green, renewable future as quickly as possible. We need to look at the true environmental consequences of shale gas.”

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