NYIPL meets with U.S. Congressman Gibson from the 19th District of New York.

At NYIPL we recognize that conversation creates change and we encourage our members to talk with their representatives about global warming. We’re excited to report that this month, NYIPL board members Gerard Falco and Dr. Donald McCrimmon, and Executive Director Janna Stieg Watkins met with Congressman Chris Gibson, Republican from the 19th District of New York.

Congressman Gibson has drafted a resolution to acknowledge the reality of climate change. His goal is to address the skepticism toward climate change science that is common among the members of his party.  He (and we) believes that if enough Republicans support this resolution, it would cause the discourse on climate change in Congress to shift significantly. He has not yet introduced the resolution, but we will keep you updated on its status and how you can help.

Please join us in thanking Congressman Gibson for his leadership.  Call (202) 225-5614. If you host a meeting on climate change with your local, state, or national representatives, please tell us about it so we can share your experience in our newsletter.

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