Our Members: St. James Church

St. James Church’s environmental ministry group – EarthWorks – sponsored a Green Fair at the Net Zero Skaneateles Village Hall on July 12.   A highlight of the morning was the Kohillo wind company mini turbine.

They also had not one, but three Earth day liturgies in April, using prayers, readings, music, and sermons focusing on good stewardship of Gods creation.

They were a host site for Earth Hour when they showed a video on light pollution followed by observing the turning off of street lights in Skaneateles.

And, they are planning to send a group to NYC in September for the climate march.

Thank you, St. James, for all your good work!

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  1. Hey folks this is what I have been looking for. I listen to Family Life radio and have written to them about how they make folks against fracking sound like idiots and then you can hear their bias, like they are funded in some way in the background by the industry, so they can get religious right folks all on the fracking side. I think it is fundamentally wrong to use faith as a means of persuading folks to do something that is wrong. I wrote to FLN and the next day they aired a statement by Chip Ingram about how natural resources are here for us to use and are a gift from God for that purpose. However he did not say natural resources are for us to exploit for profit and that is what fracking is. I am very happy to hear that my faith does not make me a conservative right winger for fracking. My faith in God is more democratic in nature and I see fracking as an end of all that is good in life and goes against living in harmony with our planet that God has given us to protect and care for. Thank you and God Bless

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